Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Gonna Stab You

"The Long Beach band I'm Gonna Stab you formed at the end of 1997 and disbanded in the winter of 2001. At the time, most bands were playing redundant post-hardcore/emo. I'm Gonna Stab You was an anomaly -- with their blend of old school rock 'n' roll elements and spacey keyboards, intertwined with '60s guitar jangle, dance-provoking bass grooves, post-punk rhythms, and an "I'm gonna stab you!" vocal attitude (and who doesn't want that?)." -

I'm pretty sure I originally saw this in the record reviews section of an issue of Maximum Rocknroll. I'm also pretty sure I bought this because I dug the cover and the name of the band and the review probably made note of the bands unique musical style in the same way the Insound quote above did. What I do remember clearly is the day I got this in the mail and threw it on my turntable - and loved it.

The tracks in this are:

1. The Slide
2. Hand It Over
3. Bright Lights

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