Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tainted Lands

Troll Lord Games has finally released Tainted Lands, written by rpg powerhouse James M. Ward. Tainted Lands is an "all-in-one Siege Engine Role Playing Game." What this means is this is a boxed set fantasy horror setting using the basic Castles & Crusades rules, but a complete game in itself.

The great thing about this is it's use of the Siege Engine, i.e. Castles & Crusades rules, which are basically a streamlined AD&D rules set while also somewhat based on the d20 system with all of the fat trimmed, i.e. no skill or feats. This makes this game more than easy to pick up and play.

The dark and twisted mists of the nightmare Tainted Lands is not a place where weak-willed pc's or their players will thrive, or survive for that matter. Check out the product description for more detail.

Contained within this boxed set:

  • Castles & Crusades Rules of Play
  • Horror Rules for the Abomination Lord
  • Supernatural Rule Book for the PH
  • Introductory Adventure
  • Six Playing Dice
As stated over at RPG Blog II:

"James Ward?

Boxed Set?

Fantasy Horror?

Castles & Crusades?

Why, don't mind if I do!"

I wholeheartedly agree. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Troll Lord Games is having a $10 sale to make room for their upcoming 4th Crusade printings. Get 'em while their cheap!

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